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Dashevsky, Horwitz, Kuhn, Novello & Shorr, P.C.

Boating Accidents

Any injury that occurs on or with a boat, ship, ferry or jet ski is considered a boating accident. Today, waterways are busier than ever with commercial vessels of all sizes carrying passengers and transporting freight. This traffic combined with the increasing popularity of leisure boating often creates crowded waterways that increase the chance of an accident. Many boating accidents are caused by the negligence of the operator. Sometimes, laws are violated. If you were injured as the result of someone driving a boat while drinking, you may be entitled to a financial recovery. If you or someone you love has been hurt because of a colliding, capsizing or sinking boat, or in water-skiing or fishing accident, you should contact our firm immediately.

Passenger Boat Accidents

The captain or operator of sailboats, motorboats, or charter fishing boats are responsible for the safety of those on board. The decision to take a group of friends out on a waterway unfortunately can sometimes result in serious injury. Collisions with other boats commonly lead to serious injury or death when occupants fall or get tossed overboard. Still other injuries occur when a boat runs into a dock, bridge or other fixed object.

Jet Skis and Wave runners

Built for speed and intended for fun, Jet Skis, Wave Runners and other recreational watercraft are inherently dangerous. The vehicles do not have brakes and cannot be reliably steered when the operator lets go of the throttle. Many jet ski accidents include collisions with other watercraft, passengers thrown off or struck when their jet ski flips and lands on top of them, swimmers run over, or operators crashing into obstacles.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can also happen aboard a boat or on the docks. If you or a loved was injured due to a fall on a boat or at dock, you could have a case against the owners of docks, marinas, wharfs or boats. Slippery surfaces, rotting planks, fueling explosions, or other unsafe conditions or accidents can cause serious injury.

Dashevsky, Horwitz, Kuhn, Novello & Shorr, P.C.

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